Leadership Training


Representative Projects

Our training programs are tailored to each organization, with special emphasis on creating cases and content that fits the clients’ needs and environments. We are truly experts in leadership training, having delivered hundreds of innovative and successful programs to managers across a variety of industries. Our programs include models that have stood the test of time, as well as the latest in research and emerging knowledge. We ensure that the training experience is interactive, applicable, interesting, and delivered only by the best facilitators. We work with our clients to shape a training agenda and process that works for them, and we can assist clients with training needs assessments to ensure that programs are covering the highest priority skills and topics. In over 15 years of training, we have consistently achieved outstanding ratings (4.8 on a five-point scale) for quality of content, facilitation, and overall value.
  • Designed and facilitated a highly complex, five-day senior-level leadership development program for a large bank’s senior/executive VPs. The program included individual feedback and debriefs, team simulations, action learning (i.e., specific issues to study, resolve and present to CEO), communication practice, and coaching skills training.
  • Created a leadership training curriculum for all management at a large financial institution based on a needs assessment linked to its competency model. Developed and facilitated high energy programs geared to VPs and above, taking into account the audience’s heavy “Gen X” factor. Programs were highly customized to provide participants opportunity to discuss organizational culture, issues, and senior management points of view and to receive feedback on skills related to the organization’s competency model. Provided follow-up analysis to determine the impact of training, which was impressive when linked to performance ratings and promotion rates.
  • Conducted needs assessments for a large real estate development/investment company and created a modularized management training program, with intensive half-day training sessions offered once a quarter. Modules include application exercises and are timed to coincide with specific organization needs (e.g., change management during acquisition, performance reviews at year end).
  • Managed an entire training function for a Fortune 500 company’s exempt employees on an outsourced basis for over five years. Conducted needs analysis, designed curriculum, developed and delivered management-level leadership programs.


  • To provide shared leadership development experiences for managers ---- a common language.
  • To support organization changes ---- for example, after a merger/acquisition or a shift in strategy.
  • To help managers develop emerging competencies or close skill gaps.
  • As a follow-on to issues identified through associate surveys.
  • Advantages

  • Access to top trainers and an extraordinary experience for participants!
  • Minimal burden on internal resources.
  • Resources to meet temporary, urgent, or "big blitz" training needs.
  • Accessibility to quality training for smaller companies.
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