Management Meetings & Retreats


Representative Projects

Management teams come together for many reasons — to formulate their vision and direction, to build camaraderie, to address challenging issues, to develop their leadership agenda, and to devise their strategies. CID’s highly experienced consultants are experts at working with clients to design high impact management retreats and to facilitate meetings so they achieve the client’s goals. We can work with teams of all sizes; we can manage the entire meeting or work in tandem with the client; and we can facilitate all or parts of the program. While we are happy to provide input, the client determines how we can best add value. Clients consistently come back to us for more meetings and tell us how much our involvement contributed to the success of their meetings — and their follow-on.
  • Designed a three-day retreat for a large operations management team to forge their vision and values and to craft plans for both their business and their cultural renewal in light of significant corporate changes.
  • Worked with numerous executive teams to enable better communications and understanding between members via numerous techniques such as personality profiles/ MBTI, pre-meeting interviews, and innovative meeting technologies that surface issues in open, non-defensive ways.
  • Designed specialized meetings addressing very specific business needs for teams in a variety of functions. These meetings tend to include heavy up-front data gathering and analysis, and their design may incorporate a number of business models—depending on the situation.
  • Assisted rapidly growing insurance company in the design and facilitation of its maiden management retreat. Our role included coaching the CEO and other presenters, providing transitions from speaker to speaker, ensuring participant questions were being addressed, providing ice breakers, commenting as appropriate, keeping the meeting on track, and providing post-meeting feedback.
  • Worked with executive team at large soft drink company to educate them around talent development practices, to refine the executive competency model, to determine their desired development process, and to identify specific succession planning needs.


  • To establish a team's vision and values.
  • To address re-organizations, strategic planning, process improvement, and other key topics.
  • To build greater understanding and bonds within a team.
  • To integrate cross-functional partners and strengthen connections across work groups.
  • To re-energize a work unit.
  • Advantages

  • Well-designed programs that accomplish stated objectives.
  • Professional facilitation that enables everyone’s full participation and enhances objectivity.
  • Turnkey meeting planning.
  • Strengthened commitment and clarity around initiatives.
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