Executive Coaching


Representative Projects

Today’s fast paced, competitive business environment demands that executives play at the top of their game every day and address new challenges. Like high-performance athletes, many executives find it tremendously valuable to have a personal coach who knows them well and is totally focused on bringing out their best. CID’s coaches combine professional credentials with business experience to provide customized, pragmatic and high impact coaching. We’ve worked with hundreds of executives in numerous industries, companies and functions. Through our extensive experience, we know what works and what can get in the way of achievement. Both our experience and highly individualized approach have contributed to many executives’ success and effectiveness.
  • Help the CEO of a large financial services company resolve conflict with his COO and restructure the executive team and governance process.
  • Coach a newly promoted business unit head to step up and take charge of his new team.
  • Assist a hard charging, high control, perfectionist functional head to soften his style and rebuild trust.
  • Provide coaching to CEO, his directs and selected high potentials to help each one handle rapidly increasing responsibilities in a hyper-growth medical insurance company.
  • Work with technical experts (e.g., IT, Finance) to develop their people skills.


  • For "fast-tracking" high potential managers or managers in new roles.
  • To enhance follow-through and the impact of executive assessments or 360° feedback.
  • To support succession planning and leadership development efforts.
  • Advantages

  • Skilled coaches who can share broad experience and best practices.
  • Improved managerial effectiveness.
  • Objectivity and confidentiality for coaches.
  • Better follow-through on development plans.
  • Positive spillover for coachees' direct reports and teams.
  • Tangible evidence of the organization's commitment to development.
  • Talent retention.
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